20 Animal Comics Show That Everyone is Worthy of Love and Respect




Animals have long been cherished characters, serving as vehicles for humor, adventure, and often profound life lessons. One such lesson that resonates through the pages of animal comics is the simple yet powerful message that everyone, regardless of their species or appearance, is worthy of love and respect. Whether it’s a clever fox, a wise owl, a mischievous cat, or a friendly dog, these characters possess qualities and emotions that mirror our own. As a result, readers can easily connect with their stories and experiences.

Artists like Joan Chan, who excel at creating heartwarming and inclusive animal comics, play a crucial role in conveying this important message through their work. Their ability to connect with readers and deliver these positive messages through their art is indeed commendable. Let’s explore his best 20 illustrations in this article. If you want to enjoy his earliest articles on Boredcomics, then click here.

Credit: Justcomics_official

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#1. Crabs Feel Pain

#2. Prawn EyesTalk

#3. Mirror Test

#4. Recognise Myself

#5. Researchers

Justcomics_official is the Instagram account of artist and illustrator Joan Chan. Chan is known for her diverse and inclusive comics, which often explore themes of identity, family, and community. Chan started her Instagram account in 2013, and she has since amassed over 40,200 followers. Joan Chan’s Animal Comics transports readers into a whimsical world where animals take center stage, each with its own unique personality and quirks. Through her charming illustrations and clever storytelling, she effortlessly humanizes her animal characters, making them relatable.

#6. Aquatic Animals

#7. Trying to Catch Snowflakes

#8. Climate Change

#9. The Life of Farmed Animals

#10. Trying to Hatch

Her characters come from all walks of the animal kingdom, representing different species, backgrounds, and experiences. Yet they coexist harmoniously in their fictional world, teaching us that diversity should be celebrated, not feared. Through the trials, tribulations, and heartwarming moments experienced by her characters, she encourages readers to put themselves in the shoes (or paws) of others. Joan Chan’s work stands as a beacon of hope, reminding us that, in the end, we are all worthy of love and respect, regardless of who we are or where we come from.

#11. Where is Mom?

#12. Cheep!

#13. Two Types of Chicks

#14. Very Sad

#15. Help Me

#16. Please Don’t Hurt

#17. Don’t Eat Me

#18. Too Much Plastic

#19. Just a Dream

#20. Childhood Memory

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