20 Cimocs Comics Perfectly Sums Up Moments Happening With Girls

On Instagram, there are many comic series out there that perfectly capture the hilarious and relatable moments of being a girl. These types of comics are mostly enjoyed by people, and it is easy for the artist to gain followers through comics on such themes. One of them we are about to discuss. Let me introduce an Instagram account with the username @Cimocs, which is famous for creating comics about girls.


She focuses on the awkward and relatable experiences of young women. Her comics often deal with themes of growing up and the struggles of everyday life. She also makes comics based on friendship and relationships. She currently has a huge following of 18,100 followers on her Instagram account. We have collected some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Cimocs

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#1. Great Fire


#2. Video Call


#3. Instagram Story

#4. Make Up


#5. Package

#6. Work from home


The artist says that every girl knows the struggle of trying to look put together, only to have reality not quite meet expectations. She further says that trying to find the perfect outfit can feel like an impossible task, and her comics can perfectly sum up moments happening with a girl. That’s how this artist captures the hearts of her fans with her fabulous content.

#7. Spending

#8. Happy Birthday


#9. Buy

#10. Hotel room


#11. Hang Out

#12. Pimples


#13. Vacation

#14. Dogs Vs Cats


Her work is not only aesthetically pleasing but also inspires thoughts. She is a passionate champion for young ladies and girls, inspiring self-expression and questioning accepted views of beauty through her work of art. In addition, this Instagram comics creator draws attention to the unpleasant realities of everyday life. Girls are reminded through her art that they have real obstacles and that they are capable of overcoming them.

#15. Homework

#16. Bed


#17. Cookie

#18. Look At me


#19. Forget it

#20. Two Small


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