20 Mundane Madness Comics Shows Hilarious Situations to Make You Laugh 

Comics about hilarious situations use a variety of techniques to make us […]

Comics about hilarious situations use a variety of techniques to make us laugh. In this type of comic, a normal situation takes a sharp turn into a surprising ending. When the reader thinks they get the joke, they start to laugh, but in the next panel, there is always a surprising twist. Which makes the reader laugh even more. Similarly, we bring you such a collection of comics to make your day better.

Mundane Madness Comics is a well-known Instagram account that uses surprising twists to make people laugh out loud. He continued even though he missed the ideal abilities to draw comics, and he began enrolling in online graphic design courses. He is able to attract an audience of 11,400 followers on his Instagram account by working hard. The following section contains some of his best comics.

Credit: Mundane Madness Comics

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#1. Target

#2. Time Travel


#3. Welcome Back

#4. Breed

#5. Camera


#6. Genie

He claims that he draws his comics on real-life personalities that act awkwardly among people, get dirty, or make dumb mistakes. The artist’s ability to take these realistic situations and give them a funny twist is what gives the work its humor. His drawings explore everyday scenarios that we can all relate to. He claims that she smiles when she shares such experiences with others and observes their reactions.

#7. Movie

#8. Fashion


#9. Mindless Memes

#10. Video Games

#11. Tattoo


#12. Legend

#13. Argument

#14. Dumb Name


Unexpected panels usually become the main focus of his comics. There’s a surprising hilarity in every panel. His four-panel comics, which typically deal with comedic subjects, never fail to make his audience laugh. His comics always seem uninteresting at first, but the surprising change of events in the next panel will make you laugh aloud. We hope you all enjoy his comics. Regularly check out our website for more comics of this kind.

#15. Story of our online lives

#16. Did it

#17. Algorithm


#18. Keep Protesting

#19. Big Tech

#20. Get it


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