20 Sskait Comics captures everyday life while living in the Philippines

Sskait Comics is a web comic created by a well-known artist whose good name is AJ Bacar. It’s known for its relatable humor that captures everyday life in the Philippines. His comics mostly show characters that depict Filipinos and their experiences. The artist finds humor in everyday situations like dealing with cockroaches in a small apartment, family dynamics, and the struggles of the rainy season.


He also uses Tagalog phrases and slang, making it even more relatable to a Filipino audience. He mostly depicts relatable family moments, childhood experiences, or the simple joys of Filipino life, creating an emotional connection with readers. Due to this, he is able to reach an audience of 71,300 followers on his Instagram account. We have collected some of his best comics in the following section.

Credit: Sskait Comics

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#1. Old Age


#2. In Summer


#3. Holiday is labor day

#4. Congrats


#5. Electric Bill

#6. Ran


Sskait Comics has a strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, allowing it to reach a wide audience and foster a sense of community among fans. His success with online comics led to the creation of printed compilations, making him accessible to a wider audience and preserving these humorous slices of Filipino life.

#7. Dating

#8. First Words


#9. Attraction

#10. Friendly


#11. Embarrassing

#12. Cute Dog


#13. Safe now

Basically, the artist himself is from the Philippines and started this comics series in 2017. While living in the Philippines, he shared his experiences through his comics. Sskait Comics provides more than just amusement overall. It encourages a sense of community and gives a funny and relevant view of Filipino culture, reminding readers of the pleasures and difficulties of daily living in the Philippines.

#14. Remove the Curse


#15. Pulse

#16. Trust Issues


#17. So Sad

#18. Listening


#19. Preparations

#20. Sunset


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