20 Boose Gumps Comics Based on the Little Things That Happen in Daily Life

Comics that focus on the little things in daily life amuse us because they are based on those tiny moments we all experience but might not even think twice about. These comics can be comforting. They show us that we’re not alone in experiencing these little frustrations and joys. Seeing someone else capture that feeling of finally getting comfortable on the couch after a long day relates to our own experiences.

There is a similar type of artist on Instagram who did not reveal his name to people. But he goes by the username Boose Gumps Comics on Instagram. When we first see the title of his comic series, a sudden thought comes to mind about Goosebumps. But it is not that. The artist did not have a large audience on his Instagram account because he only made a few comics for a short time. From those few comics, we have collected some for you.

Credit: Boose Gumps Comics

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#1. Feels Better

#2. Baby

#3. Recipe


#4. Mask

#5. Dating

#6. Morning


He says he likes telling stories. His toughest challenge is going to be telling them in four panels. The artist and his partner create the main characters. Most of the time, the character appears in absurd, funny, and sometimes embarrassing real-life scenarios. Along with his partner, he also draws comics that depict amusing moments they have as a couple.

#7. Germs

#8. Hilarious

#9. Hotter


#10. Messy

#11. Ideas

#12. Show


#13. Live Here

#14. Fiancé

Her comics use simple visuals and expressions to tell a complete story in just a few panels. Because she thinks that this efficiency can be impressive and add to the amusement, especially if the humor is based on visual gags. So, comics based on everyday life amuse us by making the ordinary funny, relatable, and even a little comforting. These moments show that the little things can be a source of humor and connection.

#15. Good Night


#16. Massage

#17. Laundry

#18. Public Bathroom


#19. Declined

#20. Hand Shake

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