20 Riff Toons Shows the Struggles and Joys That Happen in a Girl’s Life

On social media platforms, there are many artists who create comics about the struggles and joys of a girl’s life. These struggles can be relatable, but sometimes frustrating or embarrassing. Seeing those experiences humorously portrayed in a comic can be awkward. It reminds us that we’re not alone in these experiences and can even provide a lighthearted perspective on them. That’s why we bring another female artist whose good name is Rifat Khira.

The artist is best known for her Instagram account, Riff Toons. She mostly shows the power of female friendships, the confidence gained from overcoming challenges, and the simple struggles and joys of growing up. The artist has a very small audience on her Instagram account because she creates only a few comics, which you can enjoy in the following section.

Credit: Riff Toons

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#1. Phone Camera

#2. Dress


#3. Favorite Dish


#4. Hair

#5. Spread Love

#6. Hate it


She is the artist who portrays herself as the lead character in order to illustrate the circumstances that the girls experience. She takes inspiration from daily life to craft humorous and timely mini-stories. Her funny depictions of commonplace issues are usually relatable to a wide audience. Her jokes are always funny, and the females can relate to them.

#7. Assignment


#8. Photo

#9. Temperature effects


#10. It’s so embarrassing

#11. Elder Sister

#12. Hair Bangs


#13. Super Cat

#14. Secret

The artist believes that it takes time and commitment to one’s own work to achieve an individual style. Her final dream is to become a professional artist and produce her own comic book. We hope everyone enjoys her comics. If you like the blog, kindly share and comment. For more fabulous content, regularly visit our website.

#15. Spoilers


#16. Summer Time

#17. Sleepy


#18. Exams

#19. Really Cutie

#20. Laugh


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