20 Weird Comics by “A Slice of Alan” will Surely Make you Laugh out Loud




Weird comics are a type of comic book and graphic novel that is distinguished by its unconventional and offbeat design. They frequently include bizarre and surreal situations, strange characters, and unusual narrative twists designed to question the reader’s expectations and perceptions. Weird comics are classified into several sub-genres, including horror, science fiction, fantasy, and humor. Some strange comics may examine existential themes or the darker elements of human nature, while others may simply be silly and absurd.

Texan Alan is a name that has recently made ripples in the world of Instagram art. Texan Alan has over 22,100 followers on the social media site thanks to his unique and quirky comic illustration style. He is the creator of the webcomic serial “A Slice of Alan,” which has amassed a sizable fan base since its inception. His illustrations are a mix of surrealism, absurdity, and dark humor, making them stick out in a world where everyone is trying to be different.

“I create comics,” he says in his bio. “Whatever stupid thing comes to mind generally works.” His comics frequently portray everyday situations that have been twisted in some way, making them both relatable and funny. His commentary is relatable, funny, and occasionally thought-provoking, elevating his comics above mere drawings. In the following part, we’ve compiled a list of his 20 best illustrations. Click here and here to read some of his earlier posts on boredcomics. Have a good time!

Credit: A Slice of Alan

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#1. Anime roleplay

#2. Remember you are dust

#3. I’m sorry chef

#4. Valentines day

#5. Happy Birthday

#6. Turn it off

#7. Protect yourself

#8. I see you!

#9. Nindo

#10. Never more

#11. You monster!

#12. I will protect you

#13. I cut my hair

#14. Costume is perfect

#15. I deserve this

#16. Too big!

#17. Why am i wearing this?

#18. Merry Christmas!

#19. Christmas Gift

#20. Is it getting bigger?

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