20 Times Artist Kelly Latham Shares Her Daily Experiences in a Relatable Way

We find pleasure in comics that highlight small aspects of daily life because they relate to those small events that we all happen to have sometimes but may not fully consider. These drawings are always amusing because they happen to almost all of us. They demonstrate to us that we are not alone in feeling these small joys and frustrations. It is relatable to our own experiences to see someone else also face such situations.


A similar kind of artist creates comics about her everyday life on Instagram. On Instagram, Kelly Is Best is her username. Kelly Latham is her full name. Because he only produced a small number of comics for a short amount of time, the artist did not have a significant following on Instagram. We’ve gathered some of those few comics for you, which will surely make your day better.

Credit: Kelly Latham

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#1. A gift from the gods

#2. Helpful


#3. Inspired by a conversation with my mom

#4. Success


#5. Dry Skin

#6. Winter


She claims he enjoys presenting stories. Telling them in four panels is going to be his hardest task. The primary characters are created by the artist and her boyfriend. The main character, based on herself, typically makes an appearance in ridiculous, humorous, and occasionally awkward real-life situations. She creates comics with her cat that feature humorous moments they share.

#7. Sweaters

#8. The joys of being a cat owner


#9. it’s deceiving

#10. Pimples


#11. calm and collected

#12. excellent recommendations


#13. It’s always the second one

#14. Fun facts about fish with Kelly


Her comics likely feature relatable situations and observations about everyday life, possibly including Kelly’s interactions with her black cat, Charcoal, and other characters. Anyone who enjoys funny comics about daily life and relatable experiences can enjoy her best comics. Hopefully, you people like her comics. For more such fabulous content, you can visit our website on a daily basis.

#15. Stairs

#16. Safe


#17. being a kid vs adulting

#18. The number of ideas never matches up with hours in the day


#19. Snuggle

#20. Dog Stuff


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