20 They Can Talk Comics Shows What Happens in the Daily Life of Animals

They Can Talk is a comic series created by Jimmy Craig that explores the humorous inner thoughts of animals. His comics feature a variety of animals, from pets to wild creatures, and offer a glimpse into what they might be thinking in everyday situations. He is famous for his humor and his ability to capture the personalities of different animals. His art style is simple and cartoony, but it is effective in conveying the emotions of the animals.


It’s a hilarious exploration of the inner world of our furry friends. The artist’s main focus is on clear expressions and body language, allowing the animals’ thoughts to shine through. By making comics about animals, he is able to reach an audience of 650,000 followers on Instagram. We have collected some of his best comics in the following section. If you want to enjoy them, then scroll down to the section below.

Credit: They Can Talk

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#1. Work

#2. Bright


#3. Hear

#4. Ball


#5. Awake

#6. Approval


The artist has had a had a love for animals and nature since his childhood. His comics put animals in everyday situations familiar to pet owners and animal lovers alike. Whether it’s a dog’s struggle to understand bath time or a squirrel’s frustration with forgetful humans who lose their nuts, the humor is relatable because it is based on our own experiences.

#7. Waiting

#8. Can Opener


#9. Disruption

#10. restraint


#11. Stink

#12. Greeting


#13. Joy

#14. Claws


He is the artist who offers something for everyone. Animal lovers will delight in the relatable antics, while anyone who enjoys a good laugh will appreciate the clever humor and unexpected twists. So, if you’re looking for a good laugh and a fresh perspective on our animal companions, be sure to check out his earlier article on our website by clicking  HereHereHereHere And Here.

#15. Trees

#16. humiliating


#17. Favor

#18. Art


#19. Food

#20. Majestic


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