20 Loading Artist Comics Based on Hilarious Situations That Happen in Daily Life

We are back to discuss an excellent web comic named Loading Artist. It is recognized for its humor and realistic scenarios drawn from everyday life. The brilliant mind behind this comic series is Gregor Czaykowski. He is one of the most well-known Instagram users. He is a self-taught artist and writer from Poland who currently has an impressive 489,000 Instagram followers because of his humorous and topical comics.

His comics career started in 2011, and he was born in Canada. His web comic, Loading Artist, was inspired by loading screens from video games. It is quite amazing how he can so humbly and joyfully capture the uncomfortable and funny moments in life. His jokes are sharp and well-timed, and he has a great sense of humorous timing. The next section features his recent twenty illustrations.

Credit: Loading Artist

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#1. Leave Me Alone

#2. Single Minded

#3. Help Me


#4. Adventures

#5. The World

#6. Birthday Cake


The comic’s beauty and wit are made better by its distinctive combination of characters. This includes The Boss, The Friend, The Girlfriend, The Cat, The Bird, The Personified Grim Reaper, and a coworker who works for game work. The artist’s comics usually feature ordinary scenes that appeal to a broad audience. His comics are always based on multi panels, which are mostly enjoyed by people all around the world.

#7. Sticky Situation

#8. have an ice trip

#9. Not Afraid


#10. Free Refill

#11. Financials

#12. Cat Hair


#13. Office Cat

#14. Moon Landing

#15. Games


His comics range in length from multiple pages to as little as two. Any of the comics will make you laugh out loud because they are all humorous and easy to read. That explains why his audience finds him so relatable. We truly suggest loading artists if you’re searching for a humorous and relatable web comic. All you have to do is click these links: HereHere, And Here.

#16. Really Likes

#17. Valentines Day

#18. List


#19. business is blooming

#20. killing him softly

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