These 20 Brand-New Witty Comics by “Loading Artist” will Surely Giggles You

Instagram is home to countless talented artists, each with their own unique style and perspective. One of the most notable Instagram artists is Gregor Czaykowski, also known as Loading Artist. Gregor is a self-taught artist and writer from Poland who has gained a large following of 502,000 on Instagram thanks to his humorous and relatable comics. His comics typically depict everyday situations that many of us can relate to, such as the struggle to get out of bed in the morning or the frustration of waiting for food to cook in the oven.

His cartoons are whimsically funny and very simple to read, which makes the readers eagerly anticipate the next installment. The artwork features adorable characters that are hilarious. But what distinguishes Gregor from other artists is his distinct sense of humor and his capacity to depict the absurdity of daily life. His comics frequently have clever captions or dialogue that give them an additional element of humor and complexity.

Additionally, The Loading Artist has a website where followers can order prints of his artwork and even place bespoke comic orders. With clear, minimalistic lines and vibrant hues that make his characters pop, Gregor’s artwork is clean and uncluttered. He also has an excellent sense of composition, and his panels are thoughtfully placed so as to convey motion and fluidity. Some of his comics are like a dose of laughing vitamin, while others are like a little sweet pep talk for someone who is drowning in obligations. By clicking here, you can view some of his earlier entries on boredcomics.

Credit: Loading Artist

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#1. Time is going too quickly

#2. Twins

#3. Rat race

#4. Orange juice

#5. At first sight

#6. Fishing for help

#7. Stress

#8. Happy Valentines Day

#9. How mysterious?

#10. Artistic Licence

#11. Love at first sight

#12. Documentary

#13. Hello police?

#14. Left in the dark

#15. Catastrophic morning

#16. How to hide

#17. Astronaut

#18. New year resolution

#19. Free refill

#20. Make a wish

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