20 Bird Chonk Comics Based on What’s Going On in the Daily Life of Birds

Bird Chonk is a humorous term used online to describe a bird that is overweight. It’s a playful way to make fun of birds who might have enjoyed a few too many seeds or haven’t been getting enough exercise. Similarly, there is an Instagram artist who goes by the same username and makes comics on such topics. Although he does not reveal his name, he creates comics about what’s going on in the daily lives of birds.


The artist is a twenty-year-old American citizen. For her fans, the artist creates amusing comics. She is a really realistic individual who posts jokes on her Instagram account once a week. She maintains a personal web page of her own. Though the artist’s comics are worth reading, her Instagram feed is filled with hilarious comics based on birds. You only need to scroll through the blog to do this.

Credit: Bird Chonk

For more Info: Instagram

#1. Unexpected bird in the shopping area


#2. Sarcasm Society

#3. Up to You


#4. Find It

#5. Notice


#6. Cross Buns

For pleasure, the artist creates comics. Her comics feature some really amazing punch lines. Her comics tell fantastic stories and are beautifully colored. You can definitely tell that she enjoys comedy and memes from her work, which is why she creates comics. They inspire confidence and happiness. Her comics are not at all boring. However, they flawlessly represent every element of interacting with birds and their behavior.

#7. Feel Exhausted


#8. Just Watch

#9. Worm


#10. Destroy it

#11. Garlic Bread


#12. Updates

#13. Huge Problem


#14. Understand

The artist has never made comic strips professionally before, but she wants to since she loves animals and nature. She enjoys conversing with birds, and therefore, it seems to her that she needs to share these amazing experiences with other people as well. She thus begins studying various drawing methods in order to create comics. Hopefully, you like her artistic journey and comics. Have a great day.

#15. Wait


#16. Message

#17. Sale


#18. Gum Tree

#19. Wrong Turn


#20. Bird of the year

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