20 Angry Bread Comics Based on the Adventures of the Artist Herself

You can discover and enjoy every kind of comic on our website. You’ve arrived at the ideal location if you’re looking for a quality comic book collection as well. We’re going to talk about a female artist who mostly shares her thoughts based on her adventures with her fans. Sera is the artist’s actual name. Her Angry Bread Comics Instagram account has made her famous.

The artist, who faces difficulties in her daily life, is always the main subject of the comics. Her realistic drawings capture the joys and challenges of being a typical girl. She has 2,982 Instagram followers. The humorous and motivating figures in the artist’s illustrations make them a must-read for everyone who has ever felt like they’re simply attempting to survive and get by in life. Her comics will definitely make you smile and feel good.

Credit: Angry Bread Comics

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#1. Draw

#2. Bangs

#3. Ready


#4. Yelling

#5. Refreshing

#6. Cookie


The artist describes herself as a creative woman. She has been releasing her comics since 2020. She is the artist who draws illustrations based on her experiences, which are consistently funny and appreciated by a large audience. Positive feedback, according to the artist, inspires her to put in more effort into making her comics seem better.

#7. Get Bigger

#8. Bread

#9. Goods


#10. Horror Movie

#11. Layers

#12. Need a Change


#13. Let’s See

#14. Dog

She draws comics that show the difficulties faced by a typical woman. Through her collaborative paintings, she explores many kinds of strange and sensitive everyday situations. It highlights the fun and challenges of being ordinary. That is, a person who doesn’t stand out all that much but nevertheless gets into funny and entertaining situations. Remember to share her comics with others if you think they’re interesting.

#15. Perfect Label


#16. One Step

#17. Which one are you?

#18. Love


#19. Prompt

#20. Crush

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