20 Summers Off Comics Sums Up the Lives and Experiences of Teachers

Today we are back to discuss an Instagram account that perfectly sums up the lives and experiences of teachers. Summers Off Comics is the username of that account. The brilliant mind behind this comic series is the female artist whose good name is Mojo Rose. She creates comics that primarily focus on the lives and experiences of teachers, particularly during their summer break.


She uses humor to explore the joys, frustrations, and quirks of being a teacher. The artist often touches on relatable situations that teachers encounter, from grading papers to dealing with students. That’s why her comics are relatable to a young audience, and they are always waiting for her new comics. Due to this, she is able to reach an audience of 35,200 followers on her Instagram account. Let’s enjoy her best comics.

Credit: Summers Off Comics

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#1. Professionals


#2. Look Weird


#3. Solid Advice

#4. Just around the corner


#5. Worm Kid

#6. School


Despite the challenges, Summers Off Comics also celebrates the dedication and passion of teachers. She says that we see their creativity in lesson plans, their patience with students, and the genuine care they have for their classrooms. We see the moments they share, supporting each other through the ups and downs of the school year.

#7. Trip

#8. Dealing


#9. Spanish Mission

#10. Laundry


#11. Middle School

#12. Classroom Objects


#13. Class Jobs

#14. Earthquake Drill


#15. Dance

Summers Off Comics offers a lighthearted and humorous perspective on the world of education, making it an enjoyable read. If you’re an educator yourself, you’ll likely find the humor in Summers Off Comics relatable and amusing. Even if you’re not a teacher, the humor can still be funny due to its focus on relatable situations and the absurdity of everyday life. For more such comics, click here.

#16. Wait


#17. Self Care

#18. Spend Weeks


#19. Comes Down

#20. Wonder


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