20 Pudgy Penguins Comics Based on Moments Happening in Relationships

An Instagram account named Pudgy Penguins is well-known for creating comics with penguin characters. The real name of the comic series creator remains unknown. He draws charming comic strips about a couple’s daily lives, frequently capturing their private moments, sensitive confessions of love, and the little pleasures of friendship. He primarily uses an appealing and realistic style to depict his experiences with his partner.


His comics mostly focus on issues that are relatable, including the pleasures and difficulties of love. On his Instagram account, he primarily shares his comics. His work has found 1.4 million devoted fans on Instagram who value the relatable and beautiful portrayal of love. In the section that follows, you can view his best collection of comics.

Credit: Pudgy Penguins

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#1. Miss You


#2. Can’t Stop


#3. Special Present

#4. Dear Diary


#5. Cone

#6. Headache


They are well known for their ability to depict realistic relationship situations in an appropriate and perfectly balanced way. The artist skillfully depicts the routine moments that couples experience with a hint of innocence and warmth. His drawings provide an enjoyable break from the negativity by reminding us of the simple things in life that make love unique.

#7. Distance means so little when someone means so much

#8. When they pay attention to the little things


#9. Sleep

#10. Your words mean more than you could ever know


#11. You make me feel like anything is possible

#12. Miss You


#13. Life is Hard

#14. Love


His pleasant and excellent comedy about situations involving relationships provides a much-needed break from the everyday stress. Its colorful characters and positive message give readers an uplifting and welcoming experience. His endearing illustrations provide a gentle reminder to cherish the small things in life and to have faith in the life-changing effects of compassion, empathy, and understanding.

#15. Me everyday at home with you

#16. To Do List


#17. Argue

#18. Beautiful


#19. Anything you do makes me smile

#20. Battery Charger


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