This Artist Tackles Important Social Issues about Body Positivity and Mental Health (20 Comics)




Comics that tackle important social issues, particularly those concerning body positivity and mental health, play a vital role in our contemporary society. These comics serve as powerful tools for raising awareness, breaking down stigmas, and fostering empathy. In the realm of body positivity, they challenge unrealistic beauty standards and promote self-acceptance, encouraging individuals to embrace their uniqueness. Comics addressing mental health provide a platform to discuss often-taboo topics openly, reducing the isolation that individuals with mental health challenges may feel.

Blobby and Friends is a webcomic created by artist Marisa. She has an Instagram account with over 503,000 followers. The comic follows the adventures of Blobby, a friendly blobfish, and his diverse group of friends. The page features the new adventures of Blobby the Blobfish, Monkey, and Lily, as well as Roly, Ashley, and Pun Kid. Her comics are known for their wholesome and inclusive tone, and they often tackle important social issues such as body positivity, LGBTQ+ rights, and mental health.

The comics often revolve around the adventures and misadventures of Blobby and his pals as they embark on quests, unravel mysteries, and share life’s simple pleasures. These narratives emphasize the importance of curiosity, kindness, and the bonds that unite us all. Its messages of friendship, positivity, and the joy of exploration resonate deeply with readers of all ages. Younger audiences find in Blobby and his friends relatable role models who inspire curiosity and kindness, while adults appreciate the heartwarming nostalgia of simpler times. The webcomic’s inclusive themes remind us that, in a world that can sometimes feel divided, friendship and shared adventures can bridge any gap.

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Credit: Blobby and Friends

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#1. Hair Cutting

#2. Themed Merch

#3. Let’s Try

#4. Masculinity

#5. It’s just a Pimple

#6. Permission

#7. First Job

#8. Books

#9. Portraits

#10. Girlfriend

#11. Fumes

#12. High School

#13. Global Warming

#14. No Makeup

#15. Signal

#16. Detention Centers

#17. Having a Baby

#18. Are You Sure?

#19. Gay Way

#20. Tattoo

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