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Humor is a vital and necessary component of today’s life for several compelling reasons. In an increasingly fast-paced and often stressful world, humor serves as a powerful antidote to tension and anxiety. It has the remarkable ability to lighten the mood, reduce stress, and provide much-needed relief during challenging times. Ultimately, humor brings joy, strengthens bonds, and reminds us to cherish the lighter side of life, making it an indispensable aspect of our daily existence. Comics, in particular, are a stellar vehicle for delivering humor.

Let’s introduce you to a new collection of fresh comics. NothingSuspicio.us is a brand that creates comics and other content with a humorous and satirical take on everyday life. It is a biweekly non-linear gag webcomic specializing in all things absurd. It was created by Ryan Selvy and Dylan Young and has been running since January 2017. He has an Instagram account with over 55,000 followers. Selvy and Young describe their art style as “a weird mix of classic comics, cartoons, and modern illustration.”

NothingSuspicio.us follows a cast of recurring characters, including a talking dog, a giant baby, and a man who is constantly trying to kill himself. The comic is not afraid to tackle difficult subjects, but it always does so in a humorous and lighthearted way. This exceptional artist possesses a talent for extracting humor from the unlikeliest of sources. From quirky observations about everyday objects to satirical takes on societal norms, their work offers a fresh and often uproarious perspective on the world. In a society that can sometimes take itself too seriously, this artist’s playful approach encourages us to pause, laugh, and appreciate the oddities of life.

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Credit: Nothing Suspicio.us

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#1. Coming to Terms

#2. A Rough Night

#3. Kissing

#4. Marks The Spot

#5. Shrimp

#6. Roomies

#7. Order Up!

#8. Cleanse The Spirits

#9. Don’t Need Him

#10. Mona Lisa

#11. Objection

#12. Mystery

#13. Data Love

#14. Protective Services

#15. Deer

#16. Lunch Time

#17. I.C.U

#18. The Crown Jewels

#19. No Strings Attached

#20. Pizza

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