20 New Jude Devir Comics That Perfectly Capture Situations from Everyday Life


Jude Devir is a brilliant illustrator and Instagram artist who has amassed a sizable fan base for his distinctive and relatable artwork. Devir, who was born and raised in Israel, has been drawing since he was a toddler and has always had an interest in painting. He studied visual communication at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, where he also worked as an artist. Devir worked as a freelance illustrator after graduation, making work for a variety of customers.

Devir’s artwork shows his daily life with his wife, Maya Devir, joyfully and amusingly. The cartoons depict the pair in a variety of circumstances, ranging from cooking in the kitchen to dealing with minor annoyances, and highlight their loving and playful relationship. His illustrations are a blend of conventional and digital art, with brilliant colors and aggressive lines. His style is influenced by comic books and animation, and he frequently uses exaggerated facial expressions and body language to portray emotions and humor.

“One of Those Days,” one of Devir’s most popular series of pictures, features the couple dealing with everyday household concerns such as a clogged sink or a damaged appliance. Many people who can identify with the frustration and comedy of everyday life have found the series appealing. He has 5.6 million followers on Instagram because of his relatable and amusing illustrations. His ability to depict the joys and hardships of everyday life humorously and entertainingly has earned him a following among many people on Instagram and beyond. In the following part, we’ll look at some of his best illustrations.

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Credit: Jude Devir

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#1. Happy Valentines Day


#2. Who will go first?

#3. Barbie Girl


#4. Let’s fly a kite

#5. Get over here


#6. Turn around

#7. What the fu*k?


#8. Sleeping Time!

#9. Comfort Zone


#10. My other halfs

#11. Always lock the door


#12. Happy birthday daddy

#13. Always say “Yes”


#14. Ewwww Ewwwww

#15. It’s harder than it looks


#16. Listen to your parents

#17. Let them fight!


#18. Fire!!!!!

#19. Cutting Corners


#20. That’s my boy!

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