20 New Funny Yehuda Comics That Show The Couple’s Difficulties

Judas said, “My inspiration is daily life with my wife.” “Our Comic Series” is based on one of those “real life moments” that happened to us and was about creating entertaining memories by example.

The beginning of every relationship is always the most fun, from the amazing date nights to the cute posts you receive from your important second day, but it’s a pair that really makes the most of each day. Benefits My wife, Maya, and I have been together for about 8 years, Judas said.

We should also point out that Maya herself is an artist who has been collaborating with her husband in her “One of These Days” series. In the process of work, my wife Maya and I are together. Usually, when something interesting happens to us, for example, we tighten the concept and make some structural sketches,” Judas said. “After that, I sit down and start working. When I graduate, Maya adds her suggestions for improving her complexion, typography, etc. This whole process doesn’t take more than a day. ”

There are various drawings and comics that you can see on Yahida’s website which shows her love for art. I really started drawing at a young age and was lucky to live with my biggest hobby, he said. The art scene in Israel is really growing and I am proud to be part of a group of talented and unique artists in my homeland.

I wanted to thank all my followers and the love we are receiving. Thank you that we can make” one of these days “and make the world a happier place.

Scroll down to check out some Judas and Maya comics:

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