The artist’s Comic “choice” shows two different outcomes when choosing whether or not to have a dog.

It’s hard not to pass on any of these stories created by Admar Vieira, an artist from Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. This talented artist has not yet gained prominence, but his comic is increasingly visible on digital media platforms.

The Brazilian artist was not always a writer. He started as a screenwriter, so his stories have the best combination of visuals and storytelling. With that in mind, it’s no wonder they’re so busy. He made some of it over time, but today we are focusing on “choice.”

“Choice” is about making an important decision that changes someone’s life forever, although the chances seem slim. Whenever we make a choice, we leave one timeline aside and enter the other. The author presents the two just-moving justices of the universe and their example, which begins when the protagonist of the film chooses to own / not own a dog. I dedicate this to all the animals that play an important role in our mental health during quarantine,” the author said on his Instagram.

Credit: Instagram

The artist accidentally started making strips, just like a way to ignite my monsters during a difficult phase that the artist was going through in early 2020 and when he posted he realized that many People have identified with them. He got good feedback and then he kept exposing what he was feeling and the audience grew. When he recovered from the bad phase, we were in the corona virus epidemic, that is, everyone was going through a bad phase, so he continued to explore the problems facing people around the world. Now they have used strips to express their views on some issues which I find controversial on personal, social or political issues.

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