Artist create 15 realistic version of pop culture icons by Will Hughes




From childhood, cartoons and movie characters are usually remembered in a warm and relaxing way. We feel old memories and remember that it was like being a child. After watching this remake of Australian designer Will Hughes, you may not feel the same way. This artist takes on characters we all know and love and turns them into creatures capable of joining hor-ror movies, effectively destroying our good memories of cartoons and movie characters.

wil uses a popular 3D tool called Zeb Brush to create these models and keychain to get the best looking screen shots of the model. He finds the characters more “realistic”, but he actually manages to turn them into nightmares. We wouldn’t want to meet any of them on a dark street or anywhere.
artist says, When I was little, I was really into 3D animation and I got a digital sculpture in high school and I decided to make it a career. It’s always inspiring to see cool character designs by other artists as well as the engagement I get online.

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My favorite part of creating 3D art is the ability to increase the proportions and exaggerate when creating characters. The possibilities are really endless, which can make it difficult, but when you narrow it down and one direction If so, this concept is satisfying to look at ideas created in art or ID 3D. My least favorite part about 3D is sometimes the technical part. Sometimes you have to talk about software or complex content. I want to know about technical things or how lighting works for example. Learning these things is not always particularly creative but it is. The final pictures seem to be correct or realistic to know about it. It’s important.










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