20 New Illustrations That Show wife and husband Love Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect…

“What is love”? Love is not those fantasies of the perfect couple, love is in the small details, in the daily living together, in those afternoons lying down, those talks before going to sleep or simply being in silence together and understanding everything that is said in those such perfect moments.

And if there are people who think that marriage ends love, they could not be more wrong! To get them out of their mistake, the “illustrator” Yehuda Adi Devir uses his Instagram account to relate what love is in marriage; and no, it is not always perfect… But it is real and that is much better!

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This is Yehuda and his wife

1. Glamor is often lost

2. The greatest fear of women

3. They are not always cute damsels

4. These are the perfect moments

5. But we repeat, not everything is honey on flakes

6. Life as a couple is a constant expectation-reality

7. Sometimes they can be cruel

8. This …

9. And at night …

10. When she is not given that to cook

11. All women always

12. A walk In the park

13. The scarf

14. lets take a selfie

15. Happy Valentine’s Day!

16. Day At The Bus

17. My Wife’s Idea For Purim Costumes

18. Happy Birthday To Me!

19. Happy Hanukkah!

20. Let’s Go To The Beach!

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