15 Realistic And Very Funny Illustrations About Motherhood

15 Realistic And Very Funny Illustrations About Motherhood

Making the decision to give life is only for the brave, and that when you receive the news that a baby will come into your life… you still don’t have the faintest idea of ​​how things will change around you. Pain and tiredness for nine months? No gentlemen, this is a lifetime challenge!

Beyond the cliché in the songs of Mother’s Day, their heart is full of love, even in the most difficult moments, when they can no longer handle their soul for so much dedication, they know that each sacrifice is worth it, because having a Little person next to you who calls you “mom” is priceless. But they well say that motherhood is not for everyone, so if you are thinking twice before having a blessing, perhaps these images can help you decide wisely if you really have the ability to be as strong as these warriors.

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1. Everything grows in your body … EVERYTHING

2. Nobody says it, but the children are little piranhas

3. Say goodbye to your bra size, and any garment

4. You look for alternatives but … sometimes you need support

5. never go to the bathroom alone again

6. And if you also study, sleeping will be a challenge

7. Clean house, value it if you still have it

8. It’s like becoming an octopus

9. And you’re going to need all the patience in the world

10. Seriously: EVERYTHING!

11. Even your features will change a bit …

12. And your bed will get even smaller

13. You will have to be his accomplice in mischief

14. And forget about those 5 more minutes in bed

15. From now on, you will always seek the best for him

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