20 Wowo Comics Shows the Daily Struggles of Girls in a Relatable Way

Wowo Comics is an Instagram account created by a very talented female […]

Wowo Comics is an Instagram account created by a very talented female artist. She is a comic book artist who uses jokes to represent current happenings. She is a well-known freelance illustrator who has created several works of art. Her comics concentrate on a girl’s everyday problems and awkward moments, which are common experiences for young girls. Her comics are mostly based on a three-panel format.

In her comics, a character who represents her goes through awkward situations, fears, and humor that are common among young people. When she arrived home from work, she began to pass the time by creating comics and drawings. Ultimately, it turned into a passion, and she decided to give up the rest of her life to creating comics. A selection of her finest illustrations can be found in the following section.

Credit: Wowo Comics

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#1. Very True

#2. Laundry Day

#3. Aqua man


#4. Netflix

#5. New Clothes

#6. Dents


She is a talented creator who is a true master of what she does and a master at expressing the highs and lows of everyday life, particularly in her empathetic and attractive comics. Her comics especially capture the challenges faced by young people. Her comedy goes into the discomfort of daily existence, our mutual internal conversations, and the challenges of maturing.

#7. Fashion

#8. Sharing Food

#9. Labels


#10. Got Stuck

#11. Two Moods

#12. Thick Girl


#13. Male

#14. Coffee Pot

She began drawing comics as a way to relieve stress. She says it’s useful to be able to take her personal experiences and turn them into something funny for other people. Her comics have won praise for making women feel less alone and providing them with an important dose of humor in a world that can be very challenging. For more such comics, you can visit our website regularly.

#15. Hugs


#16. Outfits

#17. Valentine’s Day

#18. Food Drama


#19. Holiday Chores

#20. Alarm

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