A Cartoonist Shares Her Daily Life Struggles in 20 Relatable Comics

In the vast digital realm of creativity, where colors dance and stories unfold, resides a London-based artist whose canvas is as vibrant as her imagination. Meet Raquel SC, the ingenious mind behind the captivating Instagram account @wickedreasoning. With over 3,751 followers and a burgeoning community of art enthusiasts, Raquel’s artistic prowess extends across comics, digital art, and a delightful infusion of nerd culture.

A glance at Raquel’s Instagram feed unveils a kaleidoscope of colors, a testament to her distinctive style that seamlessly blends whimsy with a dash of nostalgia. Her art resonates with a diverse audience, drawing inspiration from the tapestry of pop culture while weaving in her own tapestry of personal experiences. It’s this eclectic mix that forms the beating heart of her creations, resonating with anyone who stumbles upon her virtual gallery.

Credit: Wicked Reasoning

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#1. Hate

#2. Need to relax

#3. Shower

#4. Conventions

#5. A Bruise

At the heart of Raquel’s repertoire lies her comic art, where she dons the hat of a skilled storyteller. Her comics serve up equal portions of humor and heartwarming moments, inviting her audience into endearing narratives that often mirror everyday life. Through her illustrations, she effortlessly captures the quirks of existence, transforming mundane moments into delightful vignettes that leave a lasting smile.

#6. Feeling Betrayal

#7. Curly Hair

#8. New Book

#9. Zero Control

#10. Ever Experienced

Beyond comics, Raquel’s artistic endeavors extend into the realm of digital art, where she conjures mesmerizing visuals that adorn her gallery. The vivid hues and intricate details in her digital creations serve as windows into her boundless creativity, each piece a testament to her artistic evolution and technical finesse.

#11. Installing Apps

#12. Delete

#13. Music Paused

#14. Crunchy Leaf

#15. Low-Cost

#16. Two Types of People

However, Raquel’s artistry isn’t confined solely to the digital canvas; it spills over into the tangible world through her prints. These prints, vibrant and evocative, allow enthusiasts to bring home a piece of Raquel’s enchanting world, adorning their spaces with her colorful narratives.

Moreover, Raquel’s engagement within the online art community is nothing short of commendable. She actively participates in challenges and collaborations, fostering a sense of camaraderie among fellow creators. Her willingness to share insights, support emerging talents, and collaborate on diverse projects serves as a testament to her dedication to the craft and the community that fuels her passion.

#17. Food

#18. Happy Birthday

#19. Three Spirits

#20. Packing Tips

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