20 Times This Artist Beautifully Depicts his Everyday Life with his Wife Through his Adorable Comics

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Although every person’s significant other is different, being in a relationship doesn’t exclude people from sharing some common experiences. Realizing how unique your relationship is is important, but it’s equally important to acknowledge that other couples have unique relationships. Realizing you are not the only crazy couple out there and that the bizarre activities you enjoy doing are actually quite normal can be therapeutic in certain ways.


In his charming relationship comics, “Yehuda Devir,” a Tel Aviv-based illustrator, comic artist, and character designer, captures his everyday home escapades with his wife, Maya Devir. The couple succeeded in creating an animated documentary that is unquestionably deserving of an Oscar with every success and setback along the way. He has successfully attracted 5.6 million followers on Instagram by producing comics about such lovable themes.

Maya gives him all the motivation he needs to create his endearing and often relatable comics. She can ride the cockroach horse or use him as a personal protector. Their daughter Ariel is keeping the Devirs on their toes for the first time as they stumble through painfully relatable and humorous parenting moments. Some of his best comics can be found in the section below.

Credit: Jude_Devir

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