This artist who illustrates his daily life with his wife announces that they are going to have a baby, and shares his difficulties in 8 comics

Yehuda Adi Devir (who we’ve already shown you here before ) is a Tel-Aviv cartoonist illustrating life with his wife Maya. They recently started an important journey: trying to have a child. Documenting the joys and difficulties they encountered, Yehuda has perfectly captured the difficulties of creating life.

“We had been trying to conceive for a year. Meanwhile, we realized that our own family is the greatest creation we can aspire to. ”

“The hardest thing was at the end of each month when Maya has her period. We continually faced that lack of success, which made us feel like we were not in control of our lives. It’s a terrible feeling. ”

“However, we’ve been together for so long that our love and friendship seem so strong that we feel like we can achieve anything if we work together. Challenges make us stronger.

Images and artist credits: jude_devir

#1 I think she’s ready

#2 Ovulation Operation

#3 That Art of Seduction

#4 The Period

#5 No Pain No Gain

#6 Baby Potion

#7 Human mattress

#8 We’re pregnant

I think people like our comics because they identify with them and relive the beautiful moments that are important parts of shaping their own relationship. Readers see their own life and feel that they are not alone, there are others in the world like them, with ups and downs in relationships, and it gives them a sense of relief.

People quickly congratulated the happy couple:

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