20 War and Peas Comics Based on Strange Situations and Dark Humor

War and Peas is a popular web comic created by brilliant duo artists whose names are Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz. It launched in 2011 and has grown a loyal following of 1 million followers for its unique brand of humor. They are the artists whose comics are known for their dark, absurdist humor. They often take everyday situations and twist them into something strange and hilarious.


The author who mixes comics with humorous concepts is Elizabeth Pich. The illustrator who draws those imaginative drawings is Jonathan Kunz. With a wide range of comics themes covering everything from relationships and technology to social commentary and existential questions, War and Peas makes sure there’s something for everyone. To brighten your day, we’ve gathered his most recent comics for you in the section below.

Credit: War And Peas

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#1. Grand Mothers


#2. Cruelty Free


#3. Dreamer

#4. Bad Weather


#5. Let me Guess

#6. God Does Not Play Dice


Their art style is deceptively simple, but it perfectly complements the humor of the comics. Despite the strange situations they find themselves in, the characters in War and Peas are still relatable. They deal with the same issues that we all do, such as love, loss, and the meaning of life. These are the ones that are surely enjoyed by dark humor lovers.

#7. Pranked

#8. The Muse


#9. Mess Castle

#10. Honesty


#11. Life Choices

#12. Dreadful


#13. Crystals

#14. Fabulous


Their comic features a cast of recurring characters, including a lovesick robot, a promiscuous witch, and a laid-back Grim Reaper. If you’re looking for a web comic that will make you laugh out loud, then War and Peas is definitely worth checking out. You can also read more comics for free on our website by simply clicking on these links: HereHereHere, And Here.

#15. Do it for him

#16. Girl


#17. Moaning

#18. Wonder


#19. New Evidence

#20. Assumed


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