Artists And Celebs Bonded To Raise Awareness About Endangered Animals By 9 Candid Comics

Artists And Celebs Bonded To Raise Awareness About Endangered Animals By 9 Candid Comics

Animals must be protected from unnecessary cruelty. The danger that humans pose to animals is so severe that some species are in danger of extinction. Several must be kept in the cavity to ensure their survival until they are sufficient to be released into the wild.

Panda, which was saved from extinction in China, is a successful case showing that yes, humans are capable of more than simply destroying a habitat. And hopefully, the ambitious “Rewriting Extinction” project was started by Paul Good Enough and other dedicated folks who came together to raise awareness and get funding.

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#1 How Much Does That Cost – Makeup” by War and Peas.

The project aims to save endangered species. Currently, they have the objective of “Buying and protecting 17 hectares of the Laguna Grande Reserve” that will become a safe haven for the American manatee (also known as the West Indian manatee).

They are currently 47% funded with £ 13,200 remaining towards the goal. Every penny counts!

#2 I Promised” by Dinosandcomics.

Along with her project are prominent names in the creative industry, such as Jenny Jinya, known for her heartbreaking animal comics, and celebrities such as Ian McKellen, Dacre Montgomery (‘Stranger Things’), and Cara Delevigne.

#3 Mama Bear” by Jenny Jinya in.

Gilbert Sape, Global Director of World Animal Protection’s Extinction Campaign Rewrite, shares: “The exploitation of captive bears for their bile is one of the worst examples of animal cruelty in the world today, so we are delighted to have worked with Rewriting Extinction on this moving and creative project to raise awareness and support, to help put an end to it. “

For 30 years, World Animal Protection has been campaigning to end the suffering of bears around the world, and we are committed to continuing to change the system, policies, and mindset that allow the cruel husbandry of bears and other animals. wild for commercial exploitation. “

#4 It’s a Bit of a Mess” by

Scroll forward, and perhaps, these comics can strike a chord in your heart to share with others that there are ways we can protect these beautiful animals from disappearing.

#5 School’s Out” by War and Peas.

#6 The Talk” by The Perry Bible Fellowship.

#7 The Great British Lie” with celebrities.

#8 Trunkle by Perry Bible Fellowship.

#9 Melody” by Kieron Gillen.

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