20 War and Peas Comics Which are famous for sharp social commentary and twists

In the vast and diverse world of web comics, there are those that stand out for their unique blend of humor and artistic creativity. One such gem is “War and Peas,” a web comic created by the talented duo Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz. With its darkly humorous, often bizarre, and always entertaining take on life, “War and Peas” has garnered a dedicated following. Join us as we explore the world of “War and Peas” and discover why it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to add a dash of twisted humor to their day.


“War and Peas” is the brainchild of two incredibly talented individuals, Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz, who hail from Germany and Switzerland, respectively. Their collaborative effort has resulted in a webcomic that seamlessly combines the skills of a writer and an artist. Elizabeth’s writing prowess and Jonathan’s artistic talent have come together to create a one-of-a-kind comic experience.

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#1. Vampire Residence

#2. Dear Friend


#3. Flatmates

#4. Coffinmate


#5. Hehe

The comics of “War and Peas” are known for their unique blend of dark humor and whimsical art. The humor can be delightfully twisted, exploring the absurdity of everyday life, relationships, and the human psyche. These comics often take a step into the surreal, presenting readers with scenarios that are as hilarious as they are thought-provoking.

Jonathan’s artistic style perfectly complements the comic’s humor. His detailed and vibrant illustrations breathe life into the characters and settings, adding a layer of depth to the already engaging content. The combination of dark humor and whimsical art creates a unique visual and emotional impact that keeps readers coming back for more.

#6. Vampire Tinder


#7. Thank You

#8. Patreon Goal


#9. Lord of Darkness

#10. Last Unicorn


“War and Peas” excels at exploring a wide range of themes, from the mundane to the absurd. Whether it’s poking fun at modern technology, highlighting the quirks of relationships, or delving into fantastical scenarios, the comics provide a refreshing take on these subjects. One of the comic’s remarkable strengths is its ability to provide biting social commentary and satirical observations wrapped in humor. It’s often through laughter that we can confront the darker aspects of our society and reflect on our own behaviors, making “War and Peas” an insightful and thought-provoking comic.

#11. Credible Hulk

#12. Move


#13. Studies

#14. The Office


#15. Loser

#16. Death Flash


War is the stereotypical warrior, all brawn and no brains. Peas is the stereotypical nerd—all brains and no brawn. But despite their differences, they are both flawed and relatable characters. Over the years, “War and Peas” has garnered a dedicated fanbase of 1 million followers from around the world. Its humor transcends language and cultural barriers, making it accessible to a global audience. The comics foster a sense of community among their readers, who often share their favorite strips with friends and fellow enthusiasts. The web comic’s presence on social media platforms further contributes to its popularity.

#17. Defrosting

#18. Only Skeletons


#19. Damn Hot

#20. Next Stop


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