By “War and Peas”, Here are the 25 Dark Comics with Sudden Twists and Unpredictable Endings

Life is not all butterflies painted with a light color palette, but that does not mean you have to frown all day because there is also some fun to be had when looking at the darker moments. Are you still not convinced? Then check out “War and Peas,” a webcomic series. This webcomic is about dark comics with unexpected twists.

Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz created the webcomic “War and Peas”. The comics are in strip format, typically four panels long, and feature morbid, dark, or surreal humor. Because their comics series are so hilarious, this artist duo will become your new favorite authors. It’s amusing in a twisted way, but it still makes sense in light of current events.

Pitch and Kunz released their first joint comic in 2011 and have since amassed a devoted fan base that eagerly awaits the release of their next issue. The series has already amassed hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world, with up to 1 million followers on their Instagram account. The following section contains a collection of their new illustrations. If you enjoy dark humor, you should check out the section below.

Credit: War and Peas

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