20 Times This Artist Captures the Darker Corridors of Comedy for Dark Humor Lovers


Buckle up, dear readers, as we delve into the enigmatic and somewhat unsettling world of Toothy. Bj is a webcomic virtuoso whose darkly humorous creations have taken Instagram by storm. With a legion of 128,000 loyal followers, this maestro of macabre jests has woven a web of humor that is both delightfully wicked and subtly discomforting.

Toothy. Bj’s canvas isn’t your typical realm of giggles and chuckles. No, it’s a landscape where the ordinary meets the bizarre, where unexpected twists and wicked wordplay reign supreme. His comics are not for the faint of heart but rather for those who appreciate the unconventional, those who relish a comedic experience that leaves them amused yet slightly perturbed.

Imagine stepping into a carnival funhouse, but instead of the usual mirthful mirrors and playful jests, you’re greeted by a series of comics that tiptoe along the line between laughter and unease. Toothy. Bj’s arsenal includes short stories that unravel like a labyrinthine wonderland, where surprise and laughter dance hand in hand.

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#1. Magic


#2. Intervention

#3. Adulthood


#4. Help Me

What sets this maestro apart is his audaciousness in pushing the boundaries of conventional humor. He fearlessly explores the darker corridors of comedy, inviting readers to embrace the peculiarities of life through a distorted lens. His comics, with their penchant for the absurd, promise a rollercoaster ride of emotions, leaving readers in stitches with each panel.

#5. Bring me a beer!


#6. Awarded

#7. The Purge


#8. Punch Line

#9. Old Man


For enthusiasts of dark humor, Toothy.Bj’s webcomics are an indulgent treat, akin to savoring the finest delicacies of wit and peculiarity. He doesn’t merely toe the line between light and dark; he erases it, inviting audiences to witness the beautifully twisted scenarios that unfold within his creations.

#10. Arts Tournament

#11. The Armor


#12. Master Surgeon

#13. Help!


Prepare to embark on a journey where laughter and gasps intermingle freely, where the mundanity of life is transformed into a tapestry of captivating, unconventional tales. Toothy. BJ’s unique brand of comedy isn’t just about eliciting chuckles; it’s an art form that challenges perceptions and celebrates the sheer absurdity of existence.

#14. Hilarious

#15. Time to post


#16. You are perfect

So, if you fancy a departure from the ordinary, if you’re intrigued by the unconventional, and if you appreciate the artistry of dark humor, fasten your seatbelts and venture into the world of Toothy. Bj. But fair warning: expect the unexpected and relish the delightful discomfort that comes with navigating this captivating and unconventional universe.

#17. Don’t Care


#18. Internet King!

#19. Don’t Go


#20. Are you okay?

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