20 Humorous Comics Full of Twists For Dark Humor Lovers

Step into a world of hilarity and unexpected turns with humorous comics tailor-made for dark humor enthusiasts. These comics offer a unique and twisted brand of comedy that dares to explore the unconventional and absurd. Each panel unfolds with wicked wordplay and clever plot twists, leaving readers in stitches and appreciating the art of dark humor. For those who revel in the unexpected and appreciate a touch of macabre, these comics serve as a delightful escape.

Toothy.bj is a webcomic artist who creates dark, humor-filled comics that are popular on Instagram. Venture into the comedic realm of Toothy.bj, a master of dark humor with a legion of 128,000 Instagram followers. Prepare to be amused and slightly unsettled as you explore his collection of humorous comics, where unexpected twists and wicked wordplay reign supreme. Toothy.bj’s unique brand of comedy is far from ordinary. With a penchant for the absurd, he expertly weaves the bizarre into the mundane, leaving readers in stitches with each panel.

His darkly comedic short stories unfold like a twisted wonderland, where laughter and surprise go hand in hand. For dark humor enthusiasts, Toothy.bj’s webcomics are an indulgent treat. He fearlessly pushes the boundaries of conventional humor, daring to explore the darker corners of comedy. The result is a gallery of delightfully twisted scenarios. So, if you’re a fan of humor with a macabre twist, buckle up and embark on a hilarious journey with Toothy.bj’s webcomics. Prepare to laugh, gasp, and appreciate the artistry of dark humor as you navigate the unexpected twists that await in this captivating and unconventional world.

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Credit: Toothy.bj

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#1. The perfect man for the job

#2. Apex predator

#3. Dinos!

#4. The sword in the stone

#5. In the past

#6. The other cheek

#7. Comparison

#8. Black holes

#9. It’s a boy

#10. Look mom

#11. Game

#12. Detective

#13. The first stone

#14. So mysterious!

#15. The other side

#16. Temple

#17. Grammar

#18. Stop criminalising

#19. Heart attack

#20. Trip

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