Here are the 20 “Toothy” character comics by the artist who has a great sense of humour

The artist of “” has a fabulous series of comics. The artist has a good sense of humor. This artist makes content that is always heart-touching for his fan and they enjoy a lot. The artist earned 127k fans by making humours content for his fans.

Basically “Toothy” is the actual character that is used to play the game. The Toothy character has a big, open mouth, as we have seen in this artist comics, in which the students draw teeth every time he/she answers a question correctly.

The artist says that ” All your life mistakes lead you to me” which means whenever a person is sad “” has a great series of comics to make him/her happy. The artist always amused his fans with his content. Here are some of this artist’s humourous comics in the gallery below.


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