20 Rib-Tickling Humor Comics for Viewers Seeking a Hearty Dose of Amusement


ExplosmOfficial, the digital haven for rib-tickling humor, continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its unique blend of wit, satire, and irreverent comedy. Since its inception, this online platform has become a beacon of laughter, drawing in millions of viewers seeking a hearty dose of amusement.

Established by the creative minds of Dave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson, and Rob DenBleyker, ExplosmOfficial, popularly known as Cyanide & Happiness, is an internet sensation renowned for its webcomics, animated shorts, and hilarious content that pushes the boundaries of humor.

The platform’s success story is attributed to its unapologetically bold and often dark humor, which resonates with audiences of diverse tastes and ages. Its webcomics, characterized by simplistic yet cleverly crafted art, deliver sharp, offbeat humor that has garnered a dedicated following of 1.9 million Instagram followers.

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#1. Hands Up


#2. Help!

#3. RIP


#4. Hanged

#5. Positive


Moreover, their animated series, brimming with quick-witted sketches and sharp dialogues, has solidified ExplosmOfficial as a household name in the world of online entertainment. The team’s ability to tackle taboo subjects with a blend of satire and absurdity sets them apart, making their content both daring and unforgettable.

Despite occasional controversy due to its edgy content, ExplosmOfficial remains a go-to source for those craving comedic relief in an increasingly serious digital landscape. Its irreverent take on societal norms and cultural quirks challenges conventional comedy, making it a refreshing and often thought-provoking experience for its audience.

#6. Robbery

#7. Terrible News


#8. Knock Knock

#9. Stop Working


With a robust online presence across various social media platforms and a dedicated fan base eagerly anticipating each new release, ExplosmOfficial continues to push the boundaries of humor, ensuring that laughter remains the best medicine in a world that sometimes takes itself too seriously.

#10. Fix my plumbing

#11. Erection


#12. Many Fingers

#13. Sit Here


#14. Millennial Criminals

#15. Chocolate


ExplosmOfficial’s online presence, bolstered by a dedicated legion of fans spanning the globe, continues to grow, affirming its status as the vanguard of unconventional comedy. With each release, they cement their position as comedic trailblazers, reminding us all to embrace the absurdity of life and find laughter even in the darkest corners of existence.

#16. Spider

#17. Game


#18. Not Easy

#19. Fix That


#20. Dating

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