Here are 20 Comics with Dark Endings by “Cyanide and Happiness”

Four artists—David McElfatrick, Matt Melvin, Kris Wilson, and Rob DenBleyker—worked together to create the webcomic Explosmofficial. “Cyanide and Happiness” is another name for this webcomic. The four creators were inspired to create the current series by their children’s passion for cartoons. These comics gained a loyal following over time and are still some of the most read webcomics on the internet today.


Dark humor and incisive social satire are features of his cartoons. He constantly calls out the problems in society, revealing the hypocrisy and ridiculousness of our modern civilization through sarcasm and irony. His comics are regarded for being thought-provoking and captivating despite frequently touching subjects. Using absurdity and satire, he draws attention to important subjects like governmental corruption and gender injustice. Even though they are frequently controversial, his comics are creative, hilarious, and informative.

Also, they have written and published a number of books, including unique graphic novels and compilations of their comics. With live-action skits and video games, they have also ventured into other genres, proving that they are more than just a one-trick pony. These cartoons are not for anyone who is easily offended because they usually deal with sex, violence, and other taboo subjects. They can occasionally be tragic, hilarious, and enlightening as well. New comics, animations, and behind-the-scenes content are regularly published by them. They converse with their roughly 2 million fans in the comments area as well. Scroll down to the section below to access their comics.

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Credit: Cyanide and Happiness (Explosmofficial)

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#1. Be my wife!

#2. Oh yeah, I remember that


#3. Lie about age

#4. Different Perspectives


#5. Bad store

#6. Do I even want to know?


#7. Can’t hurt to ask

#8. I mean, you’re not wrong


#9. Trans Surgery

#10. Kissing the neighbour


#11. Help help

#12. You have cured me too!


#13. White collar crime

#14. Prostate Cancer


#15. Too sore on the heart at your age

#16. Believe in yourself!


#17. We can enjoy 2023 together

#18. Merry Christmas!


#19. It fits

#20. Keep an eye on those deposits


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