20 Snelse Illustrations Based on Creativity and Hilarious Jokes


Most of us like reading comic book series since they are never boring. In actuality, they can help in the release of tension and stress from daily living. Essentially, it acts like mental health therapy. Many talented artists work tirelessly to make us smile, day or night. Their primary goal is to make us joyful so that we may put our troubles behind us and begin to think positively.

That’s why we have another fine collection of creative illustrations for you today. Let me introduce you to an artist named Steve Nelson. He is a brilliant comic book creator in this particular field. His hometown is Brighton, UK. He is a master of absurd humor and colorful, humorous drawings. Aside from comedy, he also creates cartoons and graphics for his social media accounts. His Instagram account, Snelse, has amassed a sizable following of up to 148,000 users. Let’s explore some of his best illustrations in the next section.

Credit: Snelse

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#1. Really long legs


#2. Tissues

#3. Sitting for a landscape


#4. Rock star guitar shopping

#5. Heads up


#6. He’ll still lose

He He began his career as a stand-up comedian before writing for TV and radio and ultimately launching his own comedy series on Audible. However, the act of writing several comics scripts and putting them through years of development just to have them never produced eventually tired him out. He has previously shared that he’s been writing comedy since he was sixteen years old.

#7. They gave it a go


#8. Take a picture

#9. Half and half


#10. Kite flying

#11. Everyone


#12. Near miss

#13. bad dog


#14. Shoe Size

#15. Trampoline


He is renowned for his ability to make funny and clever comics that effortlessly bring smiles to people all around the world. His work is a mix of hilarious jokes and creativity, telling stories that resonate with audiences from all walks of life. We hope everyone will enjoy these comics. If you want to enjoy his earlier posts on our website, then you have to visit these links: here and here.

#16. Annoying customers

#17. White lies


#18. January so far

#19. Bad interview advice


#20. Yellow snow warnings

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