20 Buni Comics Who Find Himself in Hilarious Situations

Today we are back with another collection of comics in which Bunny finds himself in hilarious situations. Ryan, his wife, their daughter, and their son all live in Chicago. The concept for a hilarious, twisted, and tragic comic had been hitting around in my head for a few years, said the artist. Ryan Pagelow is an artist who has been creating comics since 2010 and is the creator of an Instagram account named Buni Comics.


That’s how he got the idea for Buni Comics, his comic strip. His dark comics depict stories with images and very few words, but they are frequently sad and amusing at the same time, full of dark twists. He updated comics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He has gained more than 690,000 followers on Instagram as a result. You can check out his hilarious collection of comics in the following section.

Credit: Buni Comics

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#1. Well Reasoned


#2. Valentines Day


#3. Cold

#4. Warm Buns


#5. Fading Soap

#6. icy Image


He has spent the majority of his life creating comic strips. The main character in his comics is an optimistic bunny who always seems to find himself in unfortunate, often hilarious situations. His comics are dialogue-free and depend on the artist’s expressive illustrations to tell the story. Buni is often seen engaging in animal interactions.

#7. Winter

#8. Early wake up call


#9. Not Creepy

#10. Snack Time


#11. Weight Loss

#12. So Long


#13. Keep your top on

#14. Weed Whacker


Buni has also appeared in other media, including a book collection titled Happiness Is a State of Mind and a short film. If you’re looking for a comic that’s both funny and charming, Buni comics are definitely worth watching. With its unique blend of humor and jokes, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression. You can see his earlier posts on our website by clicking here and here.

#15. The tables have turned

#16. Rich


#17. Laundry Day

#18. Friend


#19. While you were sleeping

#20. Love and Perseverance


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