25 Funny Comics About a Buni Who is Often the Victim of Unfortunate Events

If you’ve been surfing the internet for a while, you’ve probably come across at least one webcomic by an artist known as “Ryan Pagelow.” He is a Chicago-based artist known for his webcomic series “Buni Comic” and has been creating adorable comics since 2009. Buni is a rabbit who is often the victim of unfortunate events. The comic features other characters, including a bear, a bird, and a spider. His comics are known for their shocking and unexpected endings, which can sometimes become very dark.

It is a unique and entertaining comic that offers a dark twist on traditional comic strips. His comics have some absolutely charming cartoons, but that is only the initial impression. The twisting conclusion will wow you when you reach it. In the comics, Buni is portrayed as being cruelly tested by the outside world at every turn. He has to deal with a strange world filled with a variety of unexpected creatures, including ghosts, animals, and commonplace objects that come to life in ridiculous, amusing, and even depressing circumstances.

The comics are dialogue-free and rely on the artist’s expressive illustrations to tell the story. Buni is often seen interacting with other animals. He has spent the majority of his life creating comic strips and has amassed a large following. He attracted 698,000 followers on Instagram and over 68,000 followers on Facebook, thanks to his intriguing blend of charming and dark. They return frequently for their daily serving of dark humor. You never know what to expect. Will the humor break, soften, or just make you laugh your heart out? Check it out for yourself to see.

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Credit: Buni Comic

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#1. Dinosaur

#2. Vampire

#3. Beep Beep


#4. Picture Time

#5. Nice Technique

#6. Light


#7. Revenge

#8. Disturbing

#9. Sales


#10. Toppings

#11. Refreshing

#12. Run


#13. Relax

#14. Relationship

#15. Scary


#16. Hot

#17. Eating

#18. Responsibilities


#19. Zombie

#20. Single

#21. Dog


#22. Dressing

#23. Flat Soda


#24. Cat Videos

#25. Slap

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