These 20 Cute and Decent “Buni Comics” will Surely Make you Laugh


Buni Comics was started by a talented illustrator and graphic designer who goes by the name “Ryan.” The creator’s work is inspired by the simple moments in life that often go unnoticed but carry a deeper meaning. The illustrations and comic strips feature relatable characters and situations that resonate with the audience. The artist shares daily comic strips that showcase the struggles and joys of everyday life in a witty and light-hearted manner.


Buni Comics has a massive following on Instagram, with over 700k followers, and has gained recognition for its unique style of storytelling. The comics are drawn in a minimalist style with simple lines and bright colors, making them easy to understand and enjoy. The stories are often centered around the daily experiences of the main character, “Buni,” who is a cute and quirky creature with floppy ears and a round body.

Most of us are familiar with text bubbles and multi-panel cartoons. What about the ones that don’t have any dialogue? Do you believe they provide the same amount of information as traditional ones? Indeed, several artists are so enamored with this piece of work that they have created comic books in this style. If you are looking for someone who creates such creative works, we strongly advise you to visit the next section, which comprises his most recent 20 charming comics.

You can also check out some of his previous posts by visiting here.

Credit: Buni Comics

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#1 “Don’t go Cakin’ my heart”

image 20

#2 “Pizzeroni”

image 21

#3 “Keeping it old school”

image 22

#4 “He is not returning our calls anymore”

image 23

#5 “Thin ice”

image 24

#6 “Tasty Burritos”

image 25

#7 “Everything has a season”

image 26

#8 “Flying South”

image 27

#9 “It started out well, then”

image 28

#10 “New year resolution”

image 29

#11 “New Year”

image 30

#12 “Chocolate candy”

image 31

#13 “Cold Comic”

image 32

#14 “Back surgery”

image 33

#15 “When life gives you lemons”

image 34

#16 “Dark Elf”

image 35

#17 “Naughty list”

image 36

#18 “Winter is coming”

image 37

#19 “Run, run as fast as you can”

image 38

#20 “When battery is only two percent”

image 39

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