Here are 20 Dinos and Comics Filled with Jokes and Puns

James is a brilliant Instagram artist whose distinctive and inventive illustrations have taken the platform by storm. This skilled artist makes eye-catching artwork with dinosaurs in unusual and hilarious situations. Dinosaur Couch is being handled by two people: an author named James and an artist named K. They are from Finland and Canada, respectively.

Dinosaur Couch’s art is characterized by its vibrant colors, bold lines, and playful compositions. The artist’s unique style has garnered a large following on Instagram, with thousands of fans eagerly awaiting each new post. The artist’s work has been featured in several online publications and has even been turned into merchandise, including stickers, phone cases, and t-shirts. The menacing-looking extinct animals were converted by the artist into lovable human-like creatures that encounter amusing, random, and delightful circumstances.

One of the things that sets Dinosaur Couch apart from other artists is their sense of humor. The artist’s illustrations are often filled with jokes and puns, making them not only visually appealing but also entertaining. The artist’s witty captions and clever compositions have made them a favorite among Instagram users who enjoy a good laugh. He has already amused a huge audience of 3.7 million on his Instagram account. Check out some of his recent 20 illustrations in the following section.

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Credit: Dinosaur Couch

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#1 “New projects”

#2 “Tired”

#3 “After work”

#4 “Can’t talk”

#5 “Sick”

#6 “That’s sweet”

#7 “Find You”

#8 “Ground yourself”

#9 “Reward”

#10 “Relationship”

#11 “Overthinking”

#12 “Acceptance”

#13 “External validation”

#14 “Stress”

#15 “The future”

#16 “In it to win it”

#17 “Stuck in my thoughts”

#18 “Girlfriend”

#19 “Nothing done”

#20 “I hate it”

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