Artist Create 25 Comics About Mental Health Illustrated With Dinosaurs

It’s hard to be a dinosaur in the Dinosaurs and Comics series. They are fighting their own internal battles, and neither therapy nor night’s sleep can improve it. But at least they try to find each other.

After seeing Jurassic Park in Dinosaurs and Comics, dinosaurs like you don’t have the expected action scenes with humor. But it is not necessary. There are plenty of beautiful characters trying to navigate their complex emotions. I’ve never seen a dinosaur so human before, and I love it. Continue scrolling and continue the series. it’s awesome.

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There are two people working on Dinos and Comics, a writer named James and an artist who goes to Joe. They are from Finland and Canada respectively.
Scrolling through his work, it seems that although dinosaurs are trying to deal with their mental health problems, they have put their predictions into practice. James and Kay say that’s partly true. We think this is a general experience. You have a hard time before your diagnosis, then after your diagnosis, you will (hopefully) get help to make it a little easier, but it’s always part of your life. ۔ And now that it’s diagnosed, you think about it more, try to understand it and make sense of it.


But that doesn’t mean dinosaurs are doomed. We think there are already optimistic jokes, said James and Kay.They are mostly focused on friends and loved ones because as helpful as drugs can be, we think helping people around you is the key to dealing with mental health issues.

So is this series happy? upset? I dont know. But it’s definitely painful and realistic. Given the fact that we are talking about dinosaurs using social media, this is a congratulation.























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