This Time Jenny jinya comic About Seeing Your Dog Being Put To Sleep

This Time Jenny jinya comic About Seeing Your Dog Being Put To Sleep

We feel as if we have been struck by emotions and tears are hard to hold back. German artist Jenny Hafsick, known online as Jenny-Jenny, has released her latest buttway comedy. This time, Jenny told a story about her owner’s emotional struggles when he brought his dog to the doctor to sleep and stayed with him in his last moments. It’s so powerful, it’s bound to make the lips tremble under an animal lover.

Take a deep breath, scroll down, and let us know in the comments how the humor made you feel and if you ever had to go through the role that the protagonist played.

As a person who has loved animals all my life, I naturally had to let a lot of people go at some point. I often go to sick and injured animals, they don’t make it all. I always stayed with these animals until the last minute because it felt natural to do so, ”Jenny told Board Panda. But then a heart-wrenching letter from a veterinarian went viral, telling him not to leave his pet alone at the last minute. It gave me an extra sense of authenticity and I wanted to draw more attention to it

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Jenny has always wanted to be an artist
Drawing has been Jenny’s obsession for as long as she can remember. He joked that his mother always said that she could pull him before she walked.

When I was a kid, I picked up a pencil and never scrubbed. Yes, I always wanted to be an artist.

However, this does not mean that Jenny draws non-stop. He said he had to take a break and stay away from art to avoid recharging and burning.

People thanked Jenny for her humor and agreed with her message that owners should be with their pets at the last minute.

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