20 Captain Scratchy Comics Based on Animal Characters and Witty Observations

Captain Scratchy is a comic strip about animals that was created by freelance cartoonist Chuck Ingwersen. It offers a hilarious world filled with quirky animal characters and witty observations. His comics mostly focused on two housemates. Rick, who is a cat, and Rufus, who is a dog. He also uses colorful casts of animals like an angry horse, a lazy beaver, and a moody bear.


He is an animal lover and a freelance humorist, artist, and cartoonist. The cartoonist employed animals in his work. His Instagram account now has 50,800 followers as a result of creating similar content. This artist tries to humorously explore the human condition in his comics. The artist typically replaces humans with animals in his comics. For a look at the amusing comics, scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Captain Scratchy

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#1. Super Bowl

#2. Plan to Watch


#3. Weather Forecast

#4. Snow Storm


#5. The dog made a valiant effort

#6. Same Time


The author also claims to have created the webcomic out of a love for animals. For this reason, he includes drawings of dogs, cats, horses, bears, beavers, sharks, and almost any other kind of animal in his cartoons. He also says animal characters look amusing, and they attract readers to watch comics. And using animal characters, it’s also easy to convey expressions and emotions.

#7. Meditating

#8. Behind You


#9. Dating

#10. Bath Time


#11. Prediction

#12. Quick Tip


#13. Scrolling

Each animal character has a different personality that shines through in their expressions and interactions. His comics show a perfect balance between relatable everyday situations and unexpected twists, resulting in laughter and smiles. If you’re looking for comics that are lighthearted, funny, and feature animal friends in quirky situations, be sure to check out his comics by simply clicking HereHereHere, And Here.

#14. Stick


#15. Grippy Things

#16. Baby Shark


#17. Please

#18. Ready


#19. Future

#20. Someone Noticed


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