20 Wholesome Single-Panel Comics by “Captain Scratchy” about Animals Can Amuse You

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In a world filled with negativity and chaos, sometimes all it takes is a simple comic to bring a smile to our faces. Meet the Instagram artist, “Captain Scratchy,” whose whimsical and heartwarming single-panel comics featuring animals have been making people’s days a little brighter since 2016. His real name is “Chuck Ingwersen.” He started his Instagram page as a way to showcase his drawings and share his love for animals with the world. However, he never expected that his comics would resonate with so many people.


Most of the time, the artists use animals as stand-ins for humans. What sets Captain Scratchy’s comics apart from other webcomics is their wholesome nature. They’re not just funny; they’re also uplifting and heartwarming. The comics often feature animals doing everyday things that we can all relate to, like going on a walk or snuggling up with a loved one.  There’s a sense of comfort and familiarity in his art that makes it so appealing.

His art style is simple, but it’s also incredibly effective. He uses bold lines and vibrant colors to bring his characters to life. The animals in his comics are full of personality, and their expressions are often the funniest part of the comic. He knows how to capture the essence of each animal. That is why he is able to grasp an audience of 55,700 on his Instagram account. We have compiled his best 20 recent illustrations in the next section. Take a cup of tea and scroll down to the section below.

You can also read some of his previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here.

Credit: Captain Scratchy

For more info: Instagram | Website

#1. It’s Waldo’s turn to do the searching!

image 538

#2. This one’s a head scratcher

image 539

#3. To help me hunt

image 541

#4. Looks like the dog has solid plan

image 542

#5. Son of a bitch

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#6. Things can get awkward

image 543

#7. Check it out

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#8. Like a trap!

image 544

#9. Happy Valentines

image 545

#10. You Carl

image 546

#11. Super bowl

image 547

#12. Drunk people will yell

image 548

#13. It’s bad enough to have a bear standing right behind you

image 549

#14. Great Dog

image 550

#15. Shark was wrong

image 551

#16. Can’t stop thinking

image 552

#17. Snack acquisitions

image 553

#18. Check your tub at least twice a day

image 554

#19. Dogs do not need to scan

image 555

#20. Looking for his shadow

image 556

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