Here are 20 Witty Single-panel Comics Full of Jokes by Captain Scratchy




Humor has the power to brighten our day, make us smile, and even make us forget our worries for a moment. In the world of comics, few things are as delightful as a well-crafted, witty single-panel comic that delivers a punchline with expert precision. Enter Captain Scratchy, a comic series renowned for its hilarious one-liners and clever observations. Created by the talented artist Chuck Ingwersen, Captain Scratchy has captured the hearts of readers with its unique brand of humor.

Chuck Ingwersen is an Instagram artist who has gained a following of over 53,300 people for his witty and thought-provoking cartoons. His work often explores themes of social commentary, pop culture, and everyday life. The artist began his career as a webcomic artist in 2009. He launched his Instagram account in 2019 and quickly gained a following for his unique style of drawing and his ability to tell stories in a few short panels. He is well known for his webcomic series, Captain Scratchy.

Ingwersen’s cartoons are often funny, but they can also be thought-provoking and insightful. He has tackled a wide range of topics in his work, from the current political climate to the challenges of modern dating. He has also created cartoons that celebrate the everyday moments of life, such as the joy of a good cup of coffee or the excitement of a new book. The humor is gentle, relying on clever wordplay, situational comedy, and witty banter rather than resorting to crass or offensive jokes. This timeless approach ensures that both children and adults can appreciate the comic’s humor, making it a delightful experience for families to enjoy together.

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Credit: Captain Scratchy

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#1. Bear business

#2. Honest talking dog

#3. Flipper flappers

#4. Ice cube

#5. Kissing booth

#6. Road trip

#7. Pool safety

#8. No bathroom

#9. Bear advice

#10. Why so sad?

#11. The shark seems a little perturbed by the lifeguard

#12. A cow wanders into a backyard barbecue

#13. A bear limps into a doctor’s office

#14. Dog-tired dog has dibs on the couch

#15. Are you SURE you’re not scared of bears?

#16. Shark’s comedy bit is lost on the dolphin

#17. Taking the cat for a walk can be a (slow) adventure

#18. Doctor seems to be unfamiliar with the workings of a cow

#19. Drunk bear in your tub

#20. Great White Shark really hates being wet

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