20 Absurd Comics full of Dry Humour by the Artist “Steve Nelson”

Comic series are never boring and most of us enjoy reading them. In fact, they can help us relieve tension and stress in everyday life. Basically, it is therapy for our mind. There are many artists who works day and night to bring smiles in our faces. Thier main aim to make us happy so that we forget about our worries and start thinking in a positive way.

The artist named “Steve Nelson” is talented and creates excellent comics in this genre. He is from Brighton, UK. He is expert in silly jokes and funny colourful illustrations. On the side of comedy, he also drawing cartoons and illustrations for his social media, building up large audience up to 63k on his instagram account named “Snelse”.

This comedian-turned-illustrator creates hilarious comics to entertain people every day. His illustrations range from colorful to black and white, and text-based to purely pictorial jokes, and all contain an element of humor. We have selected some of his best comics from his Instagram account and put them together in the next section. If you want to feed your eyes, you should scroll down the section below.

Credit: Snelse

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