20 Cute Single-panel Comics by Scott Metzger That May Make All Cat Owners Laugh Out Loud

You may be acquainted with cat comics, which have served as an inspiration to numerous artists. But unlike any other, the assortment we are presenting to you today is more comically accurate. This excellent compilation of Scott Metzger’s comics will allow you to get a glimpse inside the minds of our canine friends and learn what they are thinking. He is a Northern California-based cartoonist with about 27 years of professional experience as a graphic artist. He is best known for his “Scott Metzger Cartoons” webcomic series.

His artistic journey began in his early childhood, where he was fascinated by cartoons, comics, and illustrations. This fascination continued into his adulthood, where he pursued a career in graphic design and illustration. However, it wasn’t until he started sharing his cartoons on Instagram that he gained widespread recognition for his work. His humor and insight provide a refreshing perspective on often heavy and complicated topics.

Metzger’s style is distinct and easily recognizable. His cartoons have a minimalist black-and-white aesthetic with clean lines and a focus on the characters and their expressions. This simplicity allows the humor in the comic to take center stage without being distracted by overly complicated backgrounds or details. His ability to capture the humor in everyday life, combined with his distinct style, has made him a favorite among many.  That’s why he has a huge audience of 53,900 fans on his Instagram account. We have compiled his best 20 recent illustrations in the following section.

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Credit: Scott Metzger Cartoons

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#1. Dog people vs Cat people

#2. House cat

#3. Eddie got his real estate license

#4. Optimist vs Pessimist

#5. Grammar lesson

#6. 90s music night

#7. Receipt

#8. Work home

#9. Singing time

#10. Labra doodle

#11. The counter nightclub

#12. Get off the chair

#13. Guest

#14. Fascinating guest on city

#15. Biggest fundraiser of the year

#16. Clyde is always classy

#17. Song about people

#18. Another prediction

#19. Card sighting

#20. Museum of modern art

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