Here are 25 Funny Single Panel Cat Comics You Could Have Fun With

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Regardless of your perspective, the Internet is the best thing that has ever happened to cats. From the dawn of YouTube to the dawn of social media, it’s always been like this. Most of us love to cuddle with cats and kittens. But sometimes they can be a real problem. Cats have long “invaded” people’s lives. Cats have left their footprints on many masterpieces, from everyday activities to literature, music, and art.


A cartoonist from Northern California named “Scott Metzger,”  a proud cat owner, definitely gets the idea. He has been drawing comics about the daily lives of cats for over 20 years, and we think they are absolutely hilarious. The artist says he enjoys making people laugh and that it’s a great feeling when a comic connects with people. By bringing smiles to many people’s faces, he is able to achieve a family of 41.7k followers on his Instagram account.

He has been creating these illustrations since 1996 and has totally nailed what it’s like to not only be a cat, but see what life is like living with humans from a cat’s point of view. Scott says he mainly makes the comics because he enjoys making people laugh. You can find some of his best comics in the following section. I hope everyone will enjoy these comics. Have a great day!

Credit: Scott Metzger Cartoons

More info: Instagram


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