20 Times Cartoonist Ryan Hudson Makes His Fans Laugh Through Dark Humor

Instagram has been a fantastic platform for artists to showcase their talent. One such artist who is an expert in dark humor is Ryan Hudson, also known as Channelate. Ryan Hudson is a freelance illustrator, animator, and comic strip artist. He resides in Los Angeles, California. His Instagram following currently stands at around 279,000.

His work is at its best right now, and it shows how passionate he is about comics. He acknowledged that it could be challenging at times, but since he made the decision to write and create art, he has learned a lot, and it shows that his efforts have paid off. Ryan’s comics were previously published under the name Channelate, but he rebranded to his own name in 2022. In the next section, let’s explore his best comics.

Credit: Ryan Hudson

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#1. Special Brownie

#2. Cares about you

#3. Nice strategy

#4. Comedy

#5. Ready

#6. Look Great

Furthermore, he claimed in an interview that Joecartoon.com’s first video he saw was the source of motivation for him to start making cartoons of his own. He limited his use of panels to three or four to convey his dark humor. He is fully engaged in this art at the moment. The artist also publishes his comics on his own personal website.

#7. Talent Agent

#8. Plants

#9. Graduated

#10. No way

#11. Dinner

#12. Report

#13. Invention

#14. Hold on

#15. Drawing

My aim is to create more comics for you, more often, he states. And he wants to make better comics. His unique style of creating dark-humor comics never fails to make us laugh. It’s his hard work, talent, and dedication that make him successful. He is appreciative of all the fans who support him and make his web comics so popular. If you want to enjoy more of his comics, then click here, here, and here.

#16. Junk

#17. Need to stop

#18. Don’t see

#19. Discovered fire

#20. Favorite

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